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Freshness and Quality


As part of our continuing effort to
innovate and grow, we created
Coliman Fresh Cut.


We are the only regional company with our own processing facility.  In this modern and technologically first rate facility we process and pack fruits and vegetables ready to eat,  meeting the highest standards in food safety and
manufacturing practices.

We are certified by

Thanks to the quality of our products such as bananas, Hass avocados, lemons and papayas we have become industry leaders in the fresh fruits and vegetables market.

We have a presence in America, Europe, and Asia consolidating our position as a International company and a leader in the field.

We have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables harvested directly from our fields throughout the country.

COLIMAN is a proudly mexican company with more than 53 years in the cultivation, packaging, marketing and distribution of fruit and vegetables with the quality and freshness that you deserve.

We are Coliman
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